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Spitalfields Festival

10 February 2013 11:40

I’m delighted to announce another performance of The Great Enormo in the Spitalfields Festival on June 15th. It is FREE. Yes, I know that is amazing in this climate. Something that is made possible by the wonderful City of London where music is so clearly valued and supported.

Speaking of music being valued, how delighted was I to see the Ebacc, with it’s gaping ommission of the arts, has been scrapped. Mind you, how much time and money has been wasted in the last few months getting to this point?

We are off to another wonderful city next week, Copenhagen. All things Danish are considered achingly cool at the moment, or so I’m told, I wouldn’t have a clue myself as to what is cool these days. So we are hoping to find the next big thing and failing that, we’ll happily settle for a free trip to a great city.