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Finishing The Great Enormo and Breakfast

19 March 2013 11:36

I’ve had a busy couple of weekends, the first in York Minster with the lovely St Matthew Passion and the second in Hereford Cathedral with Mozart and his Great Mass. I stayed in very nice B&Bs  both times which tend to be much cheaper and have better breakfasts than the buffets of cold scrambled eggs some hotels serve). What I’ve noticed in my travels as a visiting concert soloist is the growing trend to put the baked beans in a separate pot. Not sure why they do it; it surely only adds to the washing up and presumably most people add a few beans to a mouthful of other stuff anyway rather than eating them completely on their own? Am I missing something? I can live with my beans in a pot BUT soggy, fatty bacon? Who could possibly like rubbery, white fat around the edge of their rasher? The fat should be removed or cooked to a crunchy, artery-clogging crisp.

No concerts now until our Great Enormo in the Brighton Festival in May. Can’t wait. We had Michael Rosen in our studio today to work on the last few bits and bobs. I have to say that as the orchestra etc are clamouring for the music which is of course VERY NEARLY FINISHED. Honest. No really it is. It’s a bit like snagging on a building project, the last bits take forever.

One last point on the cooked breakfast, raw tomato… yuck!