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We’ve finished!

13 April 2013 11:34

Hallelujah, we’ve finished. The Great Enormo has a musical score. There is still the arduous task of bowing, dynamics and articulation to be added but now we can crack on with the rehearsing the piece. Both sets of Grandparents are bringing the twins, I’ve sat them right at the back of the stalls, near the door, incase of emergencies. If any of you are coming you’ll soon spot them when they shout out “Daddy” or “Mummy” at our appearance; it could even be endearing the first couple of times.

Next on our to do list is to arrange/reorchestrate the music for a Classic FM concert in Cadogan Hall on May 12th, just a week after The Great Enormo. It will be a night at the movies so it’s the kind of thing we love doing and as James will be conducting the concert, we won’t have to deliver the scores until the last minute – just as well! I hope the RPO aren’t reading this...