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Album Finished

23 July 2013 11:30

We are into the last week of recording for Jack Topping’s album. Life is much easier now he has broken up from school, and luckily as he is only 11 himself,  he is very understanding when we have to rush away from the studio for an hour to watch our daughter perform in her end of year play. We are sadly having to avoid any badminton in our breaks as an attack of hayfever ends any recording for the day. (My excuse – he was getting too good for me!)

We are just adding some extra tracks to Jack’s album this week which is basically finished otherwise. We have a French song for the French market, and a Japanese song for the Japanese and even something in German for our friends in Deutschland.  Jack will have sung in 5 languages on this album. That would be pretty impressive for any of the adult artistes we have worked for but it is quite astonishing for a young treble.

Interesting to see how times have changed in the record business, now every album has to have an international angle and appeal in order to make money in such a crowded market.