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Faber Music

13 August 2013 11:28

In a miserable week where we have daubed our front door with a red cross and sleep has become a distant memory of a time when we had a life, a single ray of light and excitement managed to break through the fog of doom and gloom. Yes, even twins with chicken pox couldn’t ruin this one, we signed a new publishing deal with Faber Music. Hurrah.

Home of serious British composing giants Vaughan Williams and Benjamin Britten, more modern serious British composing giants Thomas Adès and Colin Matthews, more media-type British composing giants Howard Goodall and Carl Davis and now (no sniggering please), amazingly, us. At least that’s no pressure then.

So it’s off to Italy for a much needed holiday on Saturday (if we can get our poxy children past security and onto the plane) and then it’s back to hard work on some new projects before Faber change their minds!