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Save the Children Christmas Campaign

06 September 2013 11:26

Back from a lovely holiday in Italy. We managed to get Arthur past security and onto the plane despite being covered in chicken pox. Once seated, however, his twin Seth proceeded to announce in a very loud voice to the entire plane that his brother had chicken pox and had lots and lots and lots of spots everywhere. I shushed and ignored him through gritted teeth which only meant that he raised his voice louder as he pointed in turn to each of Arthur’s spots saying “But look Mummy, here’s one and here’s another one, and...”

Luckily the family behind us found it funny when I desperately tried to explain to anyone who would listen that he wasn’t infectious as all the spots had scabbed over blah blah.

Back now and finished up a couple of Christmas arrangements for Classic FM and next up, we have to deliver some different length versions of a TV ad which will run every day during December for Save the Children with our lovely treble Jack Topping.