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Classic Brit Awards 2013

25 September 2013 11:23

We are having great fun arranging some items for the Classic Brit Awards 2013 which are happening next week in the Royal Albert Hall. The God of the piano himself, also known as Lang Lang, will be playing one of our arrangements in a duet version with another artiste. We reckon we’ve put some tricky little bits and bobs for Lang Lang to get his fingers around. What am I saying? It’s all just a walk in the park for him, he will simply sightread it perfectly whatever we write. We are also putting together a special medley of Hans Zimmer’s music as he will be the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award.

Our old friend Alfie Boe will be performing on the night and if you want to catch any of it on the telly, it’s being broadcast at 10:15pm on Sunday 6th October. Now, what to wear…