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Save the Children TV Ad

30 November 2013 11:18

The Save the Children’s new Christmas TV Ad will make it’s debut with Jack Topping singing Tomorrow, tomorrow, if you see what I mean. Tomorrow, that’s Sunday, you will be able to see Jack singing Tomorrow on the Save the Children ad. It doesn’t get any less confusing the more I repeat it does it! We recorded it (the song Tomorrow) with Jack back in September so it’s been quite a wait to see it on the box but I hope people are moved enough to donate to this charity. Jack is their youngest ever Ambassador and it’s a fantastic idea to have a kids voice accompanying these moving images.

So if you don’t normally tune in to the X Factor results show, just flick over at the ad breaks to see if you can catch it.

This is one Christmas ad campaign where  you can be assured that no shop or supermarket or any other consumer giant is the beneficiary, neither is the artiste singing and I’m in the perfect position to tell you the music producers won’t be taking any proceeds either. So if you order the single, your support goes to children. Children who really need it.