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Wonderful World, Jack Topping Debut Album

04 December 2013 11:17

I’m sitting at my computer at 7 in the morning having left James to get the kids ready for school. I have the great excuse that I’m about to Skype Jack Topping before he sings live on BBC breakfast. Every TV show asks for a slightly longer, shorter, faster version of a song so they can fit it into their show so Jack has to remember which version he is singing, which can be tricky at 7 in the morning in the week your album has been released when you have been galavanting around the country.  Added to this the extra pressure of live telly means that I am sitting here about to Skype Jack, have a little vocal warm up with him and run through You’ll Never Walk Alone. He will be in a great mood as he loves singing this song, especially the high note at the end.

That’s him now…