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Happy New Year

08 January 2014 11:14

Is it me or does the holiday period get longer each year? I’ve sent emails to people that have bounced back as they are ‘out of the office’ for nearly 3 weeks now. Personally I’d rather we adopted the Italian model and closed down the country in August when we could at least enjoy good weather. 3 weeks without working is fantastic (if you are lucky enough to get it), but to spend it cooped up inside as it is so wet seems like a waste of time off. It’s as if someone turned the world upside down, flipped it over, so we are standing on the sky which means all the oceans and seas are now pouring back down on us.

I’m delighted to be able to announce that Tony Ross (illustrator of Horrid Henry amongst other numerous books) is to illustrate live during the performance of The Great Enormo at the South Bank on February 22nd.  He did a similar thing at the Proms in the summer and Michael Rosen tells me his contribution was a huge hit with everyone so we are very pleased to have him join us on the day.