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Rehearsals afoot with Alfie Boe

26 March 2014 11:09

So the kids have been passed from pillar to post this week so that James and myself could spent the last few days in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. No, nothing like that…

We are in a dimly lit studio in the middle of rehearsals for a new album with our old friend Alfie Boe. This is the 3rd (and dare I say it) best album we have made with him yet. Strictly speaking, we haven’t actually recorded a note yet but that won’t stop me making assertions on this front.

Do I feel bad about not being there for any school runs for the next 2 weeks? Yes, terrible.

Do the kids seem to miss me? Well, the twins cried when I picked them up today because they didn’t want to go home yet so now I feel even more terrible. Still, they have to be nice to me on Sunday- it’s a 3-line whip for Mother’s Day.