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Pathétique - Vocalise

23 April 2021 08:26

Although we’ve been working on some music for a new film that is currently being shot, lockdown has given us a chance to work on some new material, written and performed by ourselves, rather than producing someone else for a change. We've called the concept, Vocalise as it is just vocals and the first track we are releasing, Pathétique, comes out today.

As it has been extremely difficult to record a choir in the last few months, James has recorded multiple takes of my voice and I've become a choir! We’ve also shot a video for the first time, albeit at home with our piano and a green screen in the kitchen - glamorous it ain't! We have plans to release several other tracks in a similar style so please do click on the links below, watch the video and hopefully if you like it, we'd be very grateful if you'd share it as we don't have the heft of a big record label behind us for this!

Pathétique video

You can listen to it on all the usual digital platforms. It is called Pathétique as we have based it on the main theme of the Beethoven Sonata but as you'll hear, we've reimagined the harmony!

Pathétique on Spotify