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Lockdown Calm

29 January 2021 14:50

Amidst the hell (shared by all) that is juggling homeschooling, a family of five stuck together 24/7, getting our own work done and trying to keep a music business afloat during yet another lockdown, we have had some moments of calm.

Light for the World, the album we recorded with The Poor Clares of Arundel, was released towards the end of 2020 and we were all delighted by the response it received; so many people found it calming, relaxing and helpful for their mental health, so Decca have just released a new Deluxe version. Not only is it a rather lovely blue colour now, but it also has some extra tracks on it and some remixes designed to be extra calming, maybe for use with meditation and the like.

Earlier this week, Sr Geraldine and Sr Gabriel were interviewed on This Morning by Holly and Phil, and their singing, combined with their genuine warmth and compassion, made Holly very tearful. We were so glad that so many people got to see and hear these wonderful, inspiring women. You can watch the clip here: Interview on This Morning

As a complete contrast, we will be chatting to Pete Townshend next week about a very different recording project, we might need to turn down all the volume levels in the studio before we start this one!