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The Salisbury Anthem

11 June 2020 16:48

We were commissioned last year to compose a new anthem to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the foundation of Salisbury Cathedral. The new work was to involve the Cathedral Choirs and massed school children from Salisbury schools and was due to be performed and broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on April 28th with a further concert at the weekend.

You know what's coming next as it hasn't gone away ... lockdown.

As composers, you want your music to be heard and performed, music is nothing until it has been listened to. 

All that work for nothing.


The Cathedral rang us up and asked whether we would be able to create the piece virtually. Luckily, we have a studio at home and after many hours (days and weeks) of editing hundreds and hundreds of home recordings from the professional choirs of the cathedral through to local school children and the rest of the community and with the help of Ben Robbins, the very talented videographer, we created a virtual performance of the piece and a real celebration of the founding of the Cathedral and the community it serves. Take a look here:

We are hoping that the piece will get a ‘real’ performance later in the year in Salisbury Cathedral itself but this serves the purpose for now.