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Duet Partners

03 August 2016 08:43

I’ve duetted with all sorts of people over the years, probably the most memorable was with Meat Loaf on ITV’s Popstar to Opera Star when I accidentally picked up his water bottle at the sound check, before realising my error when the lining of my oesophagus was burnt raw after taking a rather large swig. At Port Eliot Festival, however, my duet partner wasn’t capable of drinking anything and didn’t even bother to turn up to the venue. The quantum computer stayed in California and delivered it’s performance ‘down the line’. A definite plus is the lack of ego you get from a computer, none of the arrogance you find with tenors (or conductor for that matter). Very refreshing. I didn’t quite know what to expect when the composer Alexis Kirke asked if I would come to the festival to sing his new Symphonium but it turned out to be a very memorable experience.  I rather naively thought I could work on the long train journey to Cornwall but of course, I hadn’t factored in the heart stopping views from my train window.