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Ebacc and creative subjects

15 July 2015 11:50

I’ve just signed an online petition to say I believe creative subjects should be included in school accountability measures. Last month the Government announced that every child starting in year 7 in September will be expected to study core academic subjects that make up the Ebacc right up to GCSE. The omission of creative subjects from this core will inevitably lead to a decline in resources and space in the timetable for the arts. Yet there are numerous studies and research which shows how music improves skills in maths and reading and promotes social development, self-worth etc etc. I could go on!

Yet increasingly only the rich can partake in music, only they can afford the lessons, concert/theatre tickets etc. Culture is not an unnecessary expense in our schools. The arts account for £16 billion exports from the UK, indeed in the music industry alone last year, five of the USA’s best selling artists were British, and one in every 7 records sold worldwide was from the UK.

Why would we undervalue our fantastic reputation in the arts and not build on our successes?

You can sign the petition here: